Building the world of Sport Assets

Football Players Exchange

The Football Players Exchange is a DAPP (Decentralized Application) built using the most advanced technologies currently available on the market, provided by blockchain and DeFi. The platform represents the first Digital Stock Exchange for Football Players, where fans from all over the world can engage in trading the market value of their idols in a clear and transparent manner.

The Football Players Exchange is a project developed by CSA Capital Market S.p.A. ("CSA"), a joint-stock company under Italian law based in Milan at the Fintech District. Specialized in structuring financial-sports products and digital assets, the company was created to establish a new Asset Class and an innovative market that combines the sports and financial sectors (both traditional and non-traditional).


The team of the Football Players Exchange is composed of top-tier professionals, each with specific expertise in the financial and entrepreneurial sectors. Each member stands out for their extensive experience in corporate management and their strategic ability to foster growth and develop partnerships, thanks to skills acquired across various fields. The team includes managers with long-standing experience in traditional finance, blockchain, and financial product structuring, as well as experts in insurance, corporate law, taxation, and finance.

This diversity of skills allows the team to manage all operational and strategic aspects of the company efficiently and effectively, promoting sustainable and highly scalable growth in the target market.